Travel – not just about places but the people you meet

Do you take the opportunity when you travel to allow fellow travelers into your life?  If you do, you will enrich your travel experience and theirs.  You will find a helping hand when you need it everywhere you go, and you must also be willing to give one where you can.

For example on these travels so far I first met a retired fellow named Ian who was a ‘neighbour’ at a campsite.  A keen fisherman with his own boat, he enjoyed tinkering with my solar system on my van after I bought a secondhand Waeco fridge that drained it.  There was also a beautiful soul who gave me a massage outside her caravan that she had set up for full privacy with the softest towels and massage bed.  There was Clarry, a brave man who sold his house for a bus and was traveling with severe emphysema but managed to laugh every day.  There was also an angel who helped me after I was involved in a terrifying car fire, and due to my van being out of action and needing a part drove me an hour into Exmouth to get one.  There was a gorgeous Irish girl with a warm heart who was totally interested in what I did.

My helping skills so far have included giving fresh baked goods, cleaning bathrooms, language and directional assistance, and counseling.

Bella my dog has also made many many new friends as she is sooo cuddly and snuggles everyone from very small children to grown men and women.  She has a fan this week called Eric who brings her a treat every day just for a cuddle.

The people you meet while traveling may only be in your life for a very short time in person but then you may develop lifetime friendships kept in touch by Facebook, or if your single you may just meet the love of your life.  How will you know unless you take a chance?