Travel Memoirs

Danica is on her second journey around the world, but this time she has a partner to contend with. Soon after they leave he turns nasty, threatening to leave her behind in London. In Amsterdam he gets her deliberately lost while negotiating canals on an old Dutch bicycle. She struggles with an insufficient map getting him lost in Toulouse in a camper-van that will not fit down the back streets. He decides to drive for three days solid from Bavaria to Portugal then kicks her out of the camper in France.
Forcibly walked to a Versailles train station, she sits in a daze on the train to Paris. Where will she stay? What should she do? With broken dreams, little money, no job to go back to, and her possessions scattered over Western Australia, can she pick up her life again?


Danica took me on her journey of adventure and self-discovery in her second book, Abandoned in Paris. Every good travel memoir reveals not just the physical journey that the reader can follow, but also the inner personal journey the author goes through. The ups and downs of travelling with a partner that sadly goes pear-shaped are well and truly revealed in a warts and all deeply personal memoir. Danica doesn’t hold back resulting in a captivating read that shows vividly that good travel writing is much more than just a travelogue. (Michael Pelusey –

The way this book is written it was so easy to fall right in. You get the real life feel and your mind gets away from you as you imagine the place this is set in. Well written. A nice change from my every day read (Peggy)

The author wrote an interesting and very thought provoking book about traveling, taking chances and following your dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice to travel to Paris and take it all in? Well, not exactly the way Ms. Larcombe did? Being abandoned in a strange place with no where to go would be scary for sure. Not everyone could handle it as well as she did. The book let’s you dream a little for what you may like to do or perhaps, what you have done, travel. The book is sad somewhat but it also is a happy story with the possibility of achieving your dreams and growing along the way. We all have dreams. It’s getting to accomplish them and see them come true that matters (Gayle Pace)


Pushing the Boundaries

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In a little pink room in her house, Danica had a wish-board, pinned with overlapping colour pictures from travel magazines of all the places she had ever dreamed of travelling. The board had been staring at her for probably two years; did she ever think it would come to fruition? Danica did some calculations on how much an around the world ticket would cost her. It would be valid for a whole year – could she survive travelling for that length of time, especially on her own? Backpacking through fifteen countries, Danica (a thirty-five year old mother of two teenagers) finds herself experiencing all of the highs and lows of travelling including being chauffeured through India, sleeping in airports, running out of money, meeting funny characters, magical moments, and learning the skills of survival! Sit back in your comfy armchair, and join Danica for this humorous, revealing diary of a lifetime adventure around the world.


By Phil Owens
“A wonderful tale of travel and adventures”.  “A great book, about the experiences of a young woman travelling the world on her own. Danica sets each scene with such vivid imagery, that I feel as though I have visited some of these places, and not just read about them”  (Kopek Publishing –
“I would also recommend this book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I have recently begun reading it for the second time. I found myself waiting for the next adventure, and think that Danica was extremely brave to embark on such a huge adventure by herself with limited funds. I would love to do a trip like this but would not be brave enough to even contemplate it on my own, or without some back up funds. Conclusion: It is a must read for anyone planning a trip of this kind, or just enjoying Danica’s adventures”  (Sandra Sewell)