Goodbye Crete and Hello Santorini

Getting the very early bus to Iraklion was no problem, however eating a greasy cheese pie for breakfast at the little outdoor cafe near the boat terminal was.  About an hour after boarding the high speed catamaran bound for Santorini I suddenly felt waves of nausea.  I had to resort to using my one and only nausea tablet that thankfully helped me sleep for the rest of the 2hr journey.  The ferry was extremely modern with three floors and numbered seats, more like an aircraft or theatre really.

Arriving on Santorini I waited patiently to get on a shuttle which eventually got to my hotel in Perissa.  I still had to lug my suitcase down a side road and as a consequence one wheel was now broken!  The hotel was back a little way from the beach, but nice and cheerful with the traditional blue and white facade.  The weather in Perissa however was very windy and dust was blowing everywhere.  In the ten or more years since I last visited this beach it is now covered in sunbeds that the restaurants opposite take care of.  So you don’t pay for the sunbed  but order something from the restaurant instead.   Modernisation and tourism I guess has improved the restaurants and also the public bus service.  The mountainside behind the large Orthodox church makes a great backdrop for the magnificent sunsets here.

It was great to have my own room again, but the luxury was only for two nights!  The next morning I took a luxury public bus to Fira, the hub of Santorini.  I discovered that the backpackers and art gallery where I had stayed and worked for two months on my first trip are both no longer.  The Caldera is still there though with its amazing 180 degree views across the water.  Its as magical a place as ever and still teeming with tourists.  I walked quite a way toward Oia and found the once newly painted rowboat perched on top of the cliff, but it was now battered, broken and weather-beaten.  A stallholder was selling very expensive watermelon pieces and I had to eat once again a traditional kebab with fries inside.  It was nice to stroll among the many tourist shops and then I headed back to Perissa.  A chocolate crepe for dinner was probably not the best choice but very yummy!   Now to pack a separate bag for my very exciting ten day yacht trip tomorrow including the ginger seasick tablets I was recommended by a local pharmacy.