Crete, Greece (Day 1) – Chania

I was forced to wind down while I had to wait over 8hrs for my flight from Athens to Crete.  It was a nice hour or so sitting outside at the cafe just watching the backdrop of the hills, and people walking by.  The downside was that most people smoke out here and chai latte is unheard of!

Well what a greeting in Chania!  A navy band and an army brigade were there to meet the plane, and as I had the very back seat and we were to disembark from the back as well as the front, I got to see the band playing!  Unbeknown to me there were some very special Greek priests on board, who received the special welcome.

So it was very late, about 11.30pm by the time I walked my suitcase down a cobblestone street (no cars can get into the walled old town section of Chania) and managed to find the hotel Colombo Del Porto.  It was all shut but I used the telephone outside the door, someone answered and gave me instructions to open a box and there was an envelope with my keys.  This hotel is over 700 years old and used to be a base for Turkish soldiers way back when, and a prime ministers house too.  There is no lift, and luckily I only had to get my suitcase up two flights of stairs.  After 24hrs of travelling, I could not muster up the energy for a shower nor could I keep my eyes open a moment longer, and so just crashed into a deep deep sleep.