Chania – Crete (Day 6)

I felt really tired this morning and had to have another snooze after breakfast.  Tossing up between staying to do some work on my IPad or go for a walk, I ended up heading out to find a travel agent to book a boat to Santorini for July.  I had been told the boat went from Rethymno every day but no, it only goes on a Tuesday or Sunday and I need to be there on a Monday…  So I need to get a bus from Rethymno to Heraklion to the port there for the high speed ferry.  I carried on walking in the heat to the bus station to get a ticket for Hora Sfakion for Wednesday, and that was all ok.

Then the coolest places to be were the clothing shops!  Seems to be a bit of a heatwave here at the moment!  One thing I have noticed in Chania is that there are no homeless people or anyone openly selling drugs etc, it is all very safe which is what you want for a holiday.  Fashion prices here are very good and on my walk I had to resist very hard buying a handbag.   By this time it was well into the afternoon (getting used to Greek time I think!) and I went to find the restaurant with the little dog.

The waiter was outside and when he saw me he opened his arms wide and said “where have you been?!”.  So nice to be remembered, and I have found everyone to be very warm and open in Crete so far.  It was nice and cool in the bar area and I asked yet more questions then chatted to the owners when they came in.  This time I received a complementary goats cheese and honey dessert.  An hour is a good time to ponder over lunch I decided, then headed back to the hotel for some quiet time.

This evening I had to go for a walk back to the lighthouse to take my SLR camera, and planned to visit a seafood taverna for dinner.  A classical band was setting up at the back of the protected pink mosque (Muslims used to live here but do not any more – they were sent home in 1943 or thereabouts).  I did not know but it was International Music Day.  Horses and white carriages also wait in a line around this area of the port.

Walking around further you couldn’t help but marvel at the luxury yachts and look with curiosity at the vendors selling sea sponges in all shapes and sizes.  After taking the shots I wanted I walked back and tried to remember the name of the restaurant I had been recommended by hotel staff, but they all looked similar.  How did I choose?  Well I picked one with a good looking board showing photos of various seafood, and then ordered grilled octopus.

As I was sitting waiting I kept picturing a live octopus with its waving tentacles and had to tell myself to stop it!  Another band was setting up now for the music festival.  Unfortunately I had forgotten the main hotel front door key and I had to be picked up in the morning at 6.15am in town!  So either way I had to be back by 10pm.

Anyway the octopus was delicious chargrilled and also the complementary semolina pudding.  I was given Raki as well, and if you have had that before, you will know it is like firewater!  In other words, pure ethanol…  Two sips and I was coughing!  The band in the corner turned out to be a DJ playing nightclub music and a group was doing a dance performance to each song.  When I left to walk back to the hotel the classical band was in full swing with many people sitting watching, and throngs of people filled the waterfront restaurants.  Shame I have to get up so early…

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