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Travel and writing – its all about the journey… the destination is the end

Barn Hill Station Stay

As I sit in my campervan named Mitsy, I look outside through the darkness at three white paper lanterns bobbing back and forth in the breeze.  Inside is a pretty red light on a benchtop and I listen to trance music on my Soundtouch speaker.  My dog Bella sits near my feet on the carpeted floor. I am here primarily… Read more →

New York at midnight

I got to see a lot more of New York than I originally planned, thanks to American Airlines!  Of course I did see some fantastic views of Manhattan from the Weehawken Harbourfront because the conference I went to was based there.  Weehawken is a quiet suburb opposite Manhattan and the quickest way to get there is by ferry or through… Read more →

Yoga on Crete – Hatha with Federica (Hora Sfakion, Week Two)

Yesterday 13 people arrived for this weeks retreat.  What a lovely mix – Swedish, Norwegian, Londoners, Scottish, German, Netherlands, Irish and American, and from them came some real characters.  Steven who was animated and adored my wardrobe, Ryo who was ‘out there’, stress-free, and a lover of all women, Claire with her Yorkshire accent and variable facial expressions, and who… Read more →

New York!

I will be visiting New York again in May to attend the Inflame Working Group as part of my research.  After 15yrs will New York have changed?  This time it will be summer, so I look forward to walking through Central Park in the sunshine.  Has the subway changed at all, or the fresh bagel stores, or Toys ‘R’ Us… Read more →