Bullara Station Stay, North West Australia

As I walk along the gravel dusty road towards the generator shed, the smell of fresh woodsmoke lingers behind me.  ‘Damper John’ has been preparing the firepit outside the camp kitchen for the guests to participate in damper bread tasting later on.   Why was I walking to the generator shed?  Because here is where you can pick up a few bars of phone signal, just enough to possibly download your Facebook notifications.

I am at Bullara Station, a working cattle station that also has a campground.  Part of the ritual of coming here is that you have to go to the homestead ‘café’ in the morning for fresh baked scones with jam and cream and your favourite coffee!  The other day my dog was followed around and around by a baby emu, and the pet calf also makes an appearance occasionally.

Speaking of animals, when was the last time a horse came into your kitchen?  I was washing my dishes at the camp kitchen, turned around and there was the old white horse standing watching me.  This one and another old horse roam around as well as about five sheep.  They just go by minding their own business and don’t annoy anyone.  There is also a little sausage dog and a brand new puppy as well!

Part of the character of this place is the various iron features, such as unique bathrooms, old cars and art.  Along with the bower birds it is a fantastic place for photography.  Just an hour to Exmouth and 40mins to Coral Bay, I find Bullara station great for a bit of peace and quiet.  The staff are all very friendly too and happy to stop for a chat.

I was lucky yesterday to be taken to the draughting yards where over 1000 cattle had been mustered by helicopter and were being sorted for further work or sale.  Of course the guests would not be shown the squeamish side of dehorning and ear tagging.  Exciting stuff all the same, with rogue cattle being rounded up by horse and men, just like in a rodeo!