Barn Hill Station Stay

As I sit in my campervan named Mitsy, I look outside through the darkness at three white paper lanterns bobbing back and forth in the breeze.  Inside is a pretty red light on a benchtop and I listen to trance music on my Soundtouch speaker.  My dog Bella sits near my feet on the carpeted floor.

I am here primarily to work, but I feel alive in the midst of this red outback. One can’t help but admire the deep blue view of the ocean and take morning and early evening strolls along the dirt road and down to the beach.  I started my daily yoga practice today and already I had comments on how ‘at peace with the world’ I looked.  I could climb up Barn Hill too if I wanted a challenge, or even walk along the beach and up and over the headland to Echo Beach just to visit their restaurant.

Supplies here are extremely limited so I am creatively cooking with what I have until I absolutely have to drive 90mins into Broome to get fresh fruit and vegetables.  To kind of make up for that you can buy a freshly baked large loaf of white bread (still warm when you pick it up in its paper bag) for $7, available daily.  The shop also gets in frozen home-kill sausages and sells fresh custard squares.  And apart from some long-life milk and ice-creams that’s about it.

Social life here is good if you like bowls, dice and crafts – yes its mainly full of grey nomads but everyone is really friendly and has stories to tell.  There is also a Sunday morning market which I have yet to visit.  The powered section is under shady trees but I am in the unpowered as I have solar and I got to choose my site.  There is a good chance you can get one with fantastic oceanfront sea views.

If you don’t mind having your shower in an open top corrugated cubicle powered by solar, and getting red dirt constantly in your feet, hands and everywhere then this is a perfect location!